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Orange Moon Apparel > About Us

oma was founded by kim nunley in 2009.

kim nunley is a writer, dedicated wife, 24-7 music listener, baseball infatuate, and professional wine drinker who was put on the earth to laugh and love... and hopefully help the revolution come a little quicker.

oma was conceived after a mental breakdown and the resulting desire to break free from the b.s. that is mindless employment.

oma, or orange moon, refers to the erykah badu song of the same title, in which ms. badu compares herself to an orange moon and describes how she is "reflecting the light of [her] sun."

oma's sun is kim's little sister, to who kim hopes she can come close to reflecting the passion, optimism, and peace of mind that which her sister consistently expresses.

the goal of oma is to provide shirts and other fittings to inspire and encourage... that's it.

hope you enjoy.

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